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Aug/Sept 2009

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Sports Massage - what is it? benefits?
Go for the Gold!

Nikki Nichols LMP, RN,BSN

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Sports Massage

Go for the Gold!

What is sports massage and what are its benefits?

Oh athletes...Who are you?
weekend warriors who like to raft, cycle, swim, run, hike, backpack etc?
weight lifters just wanting to stay in shape?
Local team members playing baseball, soccer, etc?
Elite athletes competing in the Olympic Games?

"One things rings true, with all levels of athletes, from the weekend warrior to the elite, during their event their soft tissue gets abused. Ignoring that slows their return to their activity. Post event massage decreases an athletes' delayed onset muscle soreness." Thomas Burton EMT, PT

If an injury does occur, massage is beneficial when used as a restorative measure. " Donnelly MD at Univ. of Florida

Whatever type of athlete you are, it's important to warm up before and cool down after your sports event to achieve your peak performance and avoid injuries.*
Sports massage is a valuable component of pre-event, inter-event and post- event actions.

Sylvia Burns, Clinical sports massage specialist at UW states, "It is clear that massage is one of the most beneficial and important therapies that athletes can invest in."

What is sports massage and what are its benefits?

Pre event massage
is a rapid, short massage that has the same overall intention as a warm up-and should be received towards the end of the warm up but 10 minutes before the event begins.
The benefits of pre-event massage are:

  • increase circulation and core temperature,
  • facilitate the necessary neuromuscular pathways for the upcoming activity
  • stretch muscles and connective tissue
  • decrease muscular tension
  • provide kinesthetic feedback helping create a positive state of mind

Inter-event massage
is done between events that occur on the same day - ie between heats of a tennis tournament, track meet, swim meet.
The goal is to address any areas of excess tension and prepare the athlete for the next event.

Post event massage
is a 15 minute massage, done with in 2 hours after an athletic event.

The benefits of post event massage are:

  • Return muscles to resting tone and length by reducing general muscle tension
  • Assist venous return to support metabolic recovery
  • Facilitate edema uptake and lymph movement
  • Deactivate trigger/tender points that may have developed during the activity
  • Help return muscles and fascia to full length and flexibility thus reducing risk of delayed -onset
    muscle soreness
  • Reduce recovery rate
    The rate of recovery is based on several factors:
    - athlete's fitness level and basal metabolic rate,
    - Aerobic vs. anaerobic demands, (repay oxygen debt)
    - Nutrition, hydration,
    - some environmental and other factors,

"As a medical practitioner and triathlete, I understand the importance of recovery to my training. Since receiving massages from Nikki I have noticed fewer injuries and improved recovery times between hard sessions. Nikki is attentive to what my muscles need. I highly recommend Nikki Nichols as a massage therapist to any sports person."
Dr Gavin Sandercoe, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon

I, Nikki, have been doing sports massage since 1992.
In 1996 I volunteered at the Centannial Olympic Games in Atlanta - an opportunity that was directly related to Jordan Malloch. (see following article) One night we were sitting at his dining room table and he said he hoped to be competing at the Olympics in Atlanta. His energy was so contagious that I thought, I could go and do sports massage there while he is competing. I did go and do massage in Atlanta and it was exciting! Unfortunately, Jordan didn't go that year. However, four years later, when Jordan was invited to compete in the Olympics in Sydney, I did go with him.
I also did massages at the winter Olympics in Salt Lake City.

*(see newsletter index for articles about various sports injuries and the benefits of massage for them)
(photo: Nikki massages rafting guide in Grand Canyon)

Go for the Gold!

Lessons learned from Olympic athlete,
Jordan Malloch

Jordan's dream all his life was to be an Olympic athlete!
In 2000 AND 2004 his dream became realities --
when he paddled his canoe in the Olympics in Sydney and Athens!
He competed in flat water canoeing, doing both singles and doubles -500m and 1000m.
How did he become a successful athlete?
How do others become successful?

Dream Big!
Set your Goal
Focus your daily activities to reach your goal
Be and live in the present
Have a coach/ support people help you reach your goal
Use time effectively and efficiently
Each step is important
Be flexible, when necessary
Life is a learning process
Balance is important -prioritize your actions
Take care of yourself -get massage, eat well, learn, rest,

Living this way leads not only to the GOLD but also to a healthy, enjoyable, high- quality life.

Presently Jordan, married and the father of 2 little boys, is a realtor with Windermere. Daily he puts into action these success traits and strives to win with each client.

Jordan learned numerous lessons from his paddling career.
One of the lessons Jordan learned was that massage was a key ingredient to his success as an athlete.

While paddling, as a teenager, he injured his right shoulder. It was so serious that surgery was being considered. However, instead of surgery he got massage! The treatments were the key to releasing the tension and increasing the flexibility in his shoulder making it possible for him to continue paddling.

While in training at the Olympic training centers, Jordan paddled 4 hours each day and got a daily massage. It was amazing to him how much massage helped.

When competing at the international level, he received pre-event and post-event massages regularly.
The post event massages helped him perform his best because they reduced the recovery time by dissipating lactic acid and metabolic wastes.

Although Jordan is no longer paddling with the same intensity as previously, he recognizes the value of massage to his daily life and his dream/goal is to get massage every 1-2 weeks.

Metamorphic Massage
"where injuries are transformed into wellness"
Specializing in athletes with injuries

Nikki LMP -- provider of massage at 3 Olympic Games
WA Sports Massage Team - active member for 12 years

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