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Manual Básico de Masaje Terapéutico
(Basic Manual of Therapeutic Massage)

By Nikki Nichols and Auristela Vasquez Velasquez

This manual is an excellent guide for people with any level of education. It contains 71 pages of text in Spanish (no translation) with numerous illustrations depicting each of the massage movements. See About Me to learn more about the creation of this book.

1st edition Published in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, 1999
By Comisión Cristiana de Desarrollo
Printer: Guardabarranco

2nd edition Published in San Salvador, El Salvador, 2005
Asociación de Promotores de Salud Comunitaria & Asosociación de Comunidades para el Desarrollo de Chalantenango (CCR)
Printer: Impreso Quijano

Capítulos (Chapters)

Lo que debemos saber del masaje
(Things you should know about massage)

Evaluacion de él or la paciente antes del masaje
(Evaluation of the patient before the massage)

Masaje Terapéutico
(Therapeutic massage)

Cabeza, cara, cuello (head, face, neck)
Espalda y glúteo (back and pelvis)
Brazos y manos (arms and hands)
Muslo, rodilla y pierna (legs)
Pies (feet)
Masaje Integral (full body)

Otras terapias que ayudan aun buen masaje
(Adjunct therapies that can be used with massage)

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In El Savador, CCR, Association of Rural Communities for the Development of Chalatenango, is the organization responsible for the re-printing of the massage manual and for the arrangements that allowed me to teach massage in the province of Chalatenango. CCR's projects include teaching organizational skills to communities, teaching poplular education via radio, managing sister community connections, running a health facility and technical projects, as well as a womens group and a youth group. Chalatenango is an area hard hit by the war in the 1980s and is filled with strong people with a history of resistance.

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